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Posted on July 25, 2009 at 8:14 PM


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Reply Kevin Devastation
10:22 PM on July 25, 2009 
(a limo pulls up to the arena and 4 bootyful women step out of the back adjusting their clothes.then after they leave Kevin Devastation steps out )


now this is NWF,well Big Sexy is gonna be big here.i think this is the place to win another belt to add to my collection.these little punks here know nothing about respect but ill teach them a lesson about it.for the right price.because the King of Everything dont work for nothing.so lets go find out when i gotta match,but first

(Kevin gets back into his limo and says to the driver)

Kevin-lets go to the tittie bar man

Driver-yes sir,and whats it gonna be

Reply Kevin Devastation
2:25 AM on July 28, 2009 
(that same limo pulls up to nwf and Kevin gets out and walks into the chairmans office and sits down in adams chair after seeing nobodys there)

well looks like i have a new office,for now.well while im here ill announce the main event thats not the main event.jeff cena faces somebody whos managed by somebody.while they go down our paychecks rise high.now Jeffs gonna win because hes got the paycheck to do it.i mean i think that we get payed enough to win but im after more money.so im getting an nwf championship around my waist,cause thats the real paycheck there.so Jeff will win because winning gets people talking,and Money Talks

(Kevin leaves the room and goes back to his limo and drives off)
Reply StereoRaptor
6:16 PM on July 28, 2009 
Extreme u think ur gonna get extreme with the RAPTOR?! I think not. U see here, this is both our debuts in this company so therefore neither one of us can brag about accolades of accomplishment in this company. I will indeed though take u to the extreme and to the limit in this match.U wanna beat me, u wish u could beat, and u wish u were me. I guarentee that u will lose this coming lockdown and thats a promise. I will hit u with the Raptor Bomb and it will be all over except for the crying that ur doing. I have no respect for u because u haven't proven urself in this company. Until u earn ur stripes and become a Star in this efed i have no respect to show u or give u.
*Raptor Walks out*
I dont have another Email so I will Use this to promo as Muhammed Abdullah
Reply Adam
10:00 PM on July 28, 2009 
So, this coming Lockdown I will make an announcement and a statement that will change the face of NWF FOREVER!
Mark my words NWF Superstars, as the chairman of this efed I will show you, and everyone something that will change
the face of NWF forever. I dont care what anyone says here, I OWN THIS! I made this, I own this And whatever I say goes!
So get ready NWF Superstars, Cause what I am going to say opening NWF is true. And That is SIMPLY PHENOMENAL!
Reply Shane Gold
5:46 PM on July 29, 2009 
I know, another new wrestler who thinks he's the next big thing comes to a fed and makes an open challenge saying he can beat anyone, typical right? I am no typical wrestler. I truly am the next big thing, and I will prove it. First impressions mean everything, because you can only make them once. For anyone reading this thinking I'm just another wrestler, you can't tell much from one promo when I'm not involved in a storyline and have no upcoming agenda, so piss off. I am making an open challenge for the next show, Now I'm not sure if anyone will accept, because you would have to either be real stupid or real brave to step in the ring with Shane Gold. So, NWF, Who's Next?
Reply anonymous
10:27 PM on July 31, 2009 
Ring Name:Viper


Signature Moves:Frog Splash,Hurricaranna,Shotting Star Press,Senton

Picture Base:Rey Mysterio

Hometown:Cameron,North Carolina


Heel or Face:Face

Entrance Theme:Rey Mysterio Titantron 2009
Reply Matt
9:43 PM on August 1, 2009 
*Cameras come into Matts lockeroom as he shows his new t-shirt to freinds) Well my debut match is about a guy called StereoRaptor, well anyway, i want all to know my debut will be good as i can do. Oh, Tag team gold, is what i want, anyone wanna be partners. If so please tell me. Later* cameras leave as matt leaves room*
Reply Shane Gold
10:29 PM on August 2, 2009 
What a way to start a career, getting to prove my physical dominance by destroying not one, but two men in the ring. I am going to make an example out of Undoubtably Priceless next week. I am the largest athlete in NWF, there is no one on the entire roster that stands a chance against me. I advise everyone in the locker room to pay close attention to my match, because you could be next.
Reply Matt
3:02 PM on August 3, 2009 
*Cameras come into matts lockeroom as he puts on his elbow pads* Well Well Well, I got a little title match on Riot, For the US Championship, Lava Lamp, oh oh oh, good luck, you will need all the luck you you can get, Cause at the end, Matt will be walking out champ, and if you have a problem, just ask for a pain killer I PROUDLY DELIVER YOU ONE* cameras leave as matt leaves*
Reply The Fallen Angel
4:10 PM on August 3, 2009 
*The Camera Cuts To The Carpark Where A Limo Pulls Up....A Dark Figure Steps Out....The Camera Cant See its Face...The Dark Figure Walks Through backstage Until It Reaches A Room...It Steps Into The Room...The Room is Dark And The Only Light Is a Dark Purple Shine From the Corner Off the Room.The Dark Figure Sits Down On The Chair...he Brisngs His head up to reveal Him Self Wearing A Black And White mask*

This Friday....The Fallen angel Takes on Kevin Devastation For The NWF Hardcore Championship!!It Will be A Day that Will Go down in EAW history.The Day The Fallen angel Takes Down Kevin Devastation And Wins his First Title.After This Friday The Fallen Angel Will Be Know As The First Ever NWF Hardcore Champion! Im Going to the Top And nobody will Stand in my Way To Get My NWF World Championship Title.The NWF is Lucky To have The Presence Of The Fallen Angel....This Friday I Will Leave an Everlasting Impression on The NWF Universe.After I Win the EAW Hardcore Championship I plan to keep It For A long Time.I Will go To Extremes That Have Never been Thought About In The NWF I Will risk My Life To Win This Title.And i will Win It!So Kevin Devastation....Watch Out Because Im Going To Destroy You....im Going To break Every Bone in Your Body....NFW....Beware Because im here....And Im here To Stay!

*The Camera Cuts As The Fallen Angel Stares At The Floor*
Reply Shane Gold
4:13 PM on August 3, 2009 
As I've said before, first impressions mean everything to me, because you can't give them more than once. This Saturday on Lockdown, I have the opportunity of a lifetime, to make the ultimate first impression. I have the chance to become NWF World Champion in my first ever match. My dream has always been to be a world champion in a wrestling organization, and to think that it could happen in my first match seems almost surreal to me. I am going to be more determined to win that match than anything in my entire life. Nik-e-g, you're next.
Reply NIK-E-GEOW24
4:34 PM on August 3, 2009 
*Nik-e-G is shown in a room with his hair over his eyes, you can barely see his eyes*
Shane, in but a week your entire world, your entire perception to time and space will be destroyed with but a match, that determines NWF, the World Heavyweight Championship. A Twist of Time shall emerge leaving you broken-hearted, empty-handed with NOTHING, NOTHING but the thought of the Father of Fate and NWF?s prized title belt being swept from the arena. All you can say about this match, is how much of a lose that it brought upon you. Nothing can change the fate of what will happen. The World Heavyweight Championship shall land in the hands of a worthy champion, a champion who knows more about time and fate then anyone in can possible think. Lockdown shall be my land and NWF my kingdom, as my fate unravels in front of the millions of fans who are watching but STILL all you can say to this marvelous happening is what a painful lose that I had brought upon you. Lockdown is only a matter of time away, I have been ready, but are you? A twist of time will run up your spine, if you are not careful, your fate has been decided, now all you can do is wait.
Reply Shane Gold
4:48 PM on August 3, 2009 
Nik-e-g, you speak like we are equals, like we are both the same size. Let me remind you that I am bigger, faster, and stronger than you. I am going to destroy you in the ring, and you will be the first of many to come. The NWF locker room better be hoping for me to lose, because if, no, when I win the World Championship, I will hold that belt for a long long time to come. I am the largest athlete in NWF, there is no one that stands a chance against me. I have no competition, Nik you are nothing compared to me. These fans are tired of seeing the same wrestlers in the same federations again and again, they want someone fresh, someone new. I am that someone. I will lead this federation into a new era, the era of Shane Gold. NWF, get ready, because after I defeat Nik, you could be next.
Reply ☆.5.5 George Copeland5.5.☆
8:03 PM on August 5, 2009 
Mr Rating is heere!!! thats right im here on nwf!!
And i proved to the nwf fans & roster that george copeland is the man.
I came here to leave a mark and that wat im going to do.
And im going to show that im the Real Deal here a true champ.
This is just the begining the begining of anew era the era of viper & george copeland.
So million dollar mafia get ready cuz u guys are going to feel the pain the pain of pain time george bb
Reply Kevin Devastation
1:35 AM on August 6, 2009 
(a code flashes across the NWF titantron)


Virus Deploying


(then Kevin walks out on stage)

look you parasitic fools,im back to reclaim whats mine.that being another world title,and nobody is going to get in my way,not that Sickofant Fallen Angel who panders to you people like hes really Lucifer himself.well not anymore will i say tooo sweeet to get a paycheck.no longer will i talk about its the money i want.no i dont want anything but gold around my waist again.now fallen angel stands in my way because i want the hardcore title around my waist.then ill get the world title soon after.but after i dispose of the hypocrite known as Fallen Angel i go after the speed freak Jeff Cena,the storm that never happened Cyclone,and the American hating Muhammad.after i beat them i become Riot GM and thats all ill need to become NWF Champion.now can you Sickofantic Hypocrites Disypher that Code? i dont think so because the Human Virus is Deploying in NWF and its gonna deploy the most Devastating moves youve ever seen.because im the best in the world at what i do,and thats win World Titles and be in the main event

(Kevin walks off the stage with a smirk on his face)
Reply The Fallen Angel
9:38 AM on August 6, 2009 
*The Camera Is In The Car Park. A big Truck Comes Up And A blsack Figure Emerges From The Darkness.The Figure Starts Running.He Reaches His Locker Room.He Trrashes The Place...Throwing Chairs And Other Objects Around.*

KEVIN Tonight Is The Night! TOnight I Get My Title....I Get My Hardcore Title.....YOu Wont Stand In My Way for My Quest For The NWF Championship!.You Can Say that you Will kick my Ass But We All Know That You Wont.I Wont Go Down With Out A Fight.Tonight Will Go Down In history....Tonight will Be The night I Leave A Ever Lasting impression On The EAW.I Will Go To Extremes That Have Never Been Ventured before To Get My Hardcore title.I Cant Wait To See You all Bloodied Up On The Mat.And then Hearr Those Words From The Ref....1.....2....3....Your New Hardcore Champion THE FALLEN ANGEL!!When My Arm Is Raised And I Look At The Fans Cheering...Thats When I Will Know Im a NWF Legend.The First Ever NWF Hardcore Champion!

*The Camera Fades As The Fallen Angel Is Staring At the Camera Holding A Slege Hammer In His Hand*