No-Limit Wrestling Federation



Ring Name: CodePhenomenal
Finishers: Codebroken ( Styles Clash ) Air Code ( Crossbody, but turns into a Codebreaker ) Inverted Code ( Spiral Tap) B.M.E ( Best Moonsault Ever ) Walls of Code ( Walls of Jericho )
Signature Moves: Shooting Star ( Shooting Star Press )Code Suplex Special(German suplex followed into a belly to back wheelbarrow facebuster)Phenomenon, Pele Kick, Missle Dropkick, Springboard DDT, Spring Board Dropkick, Moonlight Code ( Springboard Corckscrew neckbreaker ) Code Bomb ( Rackbomb ) Spinebreaker
Picture Base: AJ Styles
Hometown: Gainesville, Georgia
Weight: 230
Heel or Face: Face
Entrance Theme: I am by GRITS
Ring Name - Nik-e-G
Nick Names: Polish Enigma, Father of Fate
Height and Weight - 6'2 and 236 lb
Gender -Male
Hometown -Cameron, North Carolina
Finisher(s)-Polish Destroyer (Canadian destroyer) and Twist of Time ( Twist of fate)
Sig. Moves - * 450� splash * running bulldog * Corner sitout powerbomb * Forearm smash * Iconoclasm * Inverted DDT 
* Missile dropkick * Moonsault * Northern lights suplex * Ricochet (Belly to back suplex lift transitioned into an elbow drop to the opponent's midsection) * Russian legsweep * Side Effect (Wrist?lock seated side slam, sometimes from the top rope or the top of a ladder) * Slingshot crossbody * Splash Mountain (Sitout crucifix powerbomb) * Hang-Time ( swanton bomb)
Heel or Face - Tweener
Picture Base - Matt Hardy

Ringname: Speedy

Height : 6'2, 215 Pounds

Hometown: Parma, Ohio

Finishers : Slow Killer (Reality Check)

Signature moves : Speed UP (Drive by Kick)

 Face or Heel : Tweener

 Pic Base : The Miz 

Ring Name: muhammed abdullah

Finishers: Reverse STO, Camel Cluth

Signature Moves: clothesline from hell, big boot, leg drop, brain buster

Picture Base: Muhammed Hassan

Hometown: Boston, MA

Weight: 255 lbs, 6'3"
 Ring Name: Jeff Cena
Finishers: PCP (Powerbomb Pin) TT (Jumping Russian Leg Sweep)
Signature Moves: Pele Kick
Picture Base: Evan Bourne
Hometown: Long Island, New York
Weight: 220 lb.
Heel or Face: Face
Entrance Theme: Ready To Roll by Jet Black Stare
RN:John "the celtic destroyer"Kelton
Finisher:Kelton Driver(tombstone piledriver)
Pic base:Benjamin
Hometown: Las Vegas
heel or face:heel
Theme:Aint no stoppin me (shelton benjamin theme)
 Ring Name: "The Crazed Hero" D.J Hazard

Finishers: Hazardous Effect Crucifix tiger bomb, Top Rope Hazardous Effect

Signature Moves DDT, Bulldog, Piledriver, Curb Stomp, military press gto

Picture Base: Chris Hero

Hometown: Las Vegas

Height: 6'4

Weight: 260

Heel or Face: Face

Entrance Theme Hero-Nas
 Ring Name - Erik Priceless

Height/Weight - 6'2 225

Hometown: Boston,MA


Stable: Priceless with Jtlock

Finshers: Silve Spoon DDT

Pic Base: Cody Rhodes
 Ring Name - JTLock09

Height/Weight - 6'3 225

Hometown: Nashua, NH


Priceless or Legacy

Finshers: Priceless ( Million dollar dream )

Sig.Moves: Ted Dibiase Jr.s

Pic Base: Ted Dibiase
 Ring Name: StereoRaptor
Finisher: Spinebuster, Raptor Bomb
Signature Moves: Spear, ddt on a chair, superplex, Super Powerbomb
Pic Base: Batista
Hometown: Washington DC
Weight/ Height: 295, 6'6
Heel or Face: Face
Entrance Theme: I walk Alone, By Saliva
Ring Name: the extreme angel cyclone

Finishers:scorpion deathdrop(sdd) shadowkick(sk) walls of sorrow(wos)

Signature Moves sb legdrop the cyclone(candian destryoer from tb ) sb swanton bomb

Picture Base: sting

Hometown: new york new york

Weight:250 pounds

Heel or Face: tweener

Entrance Theme evil angel -breaking benjamin
 Ring Name:Lava Lamp
Height & Weight- 5 ft 11 215lbs
Finisher(s): Shattered Game(Piledriver),Shooting Star Press,Shinning Wizard,Hurricanrana,Lava Lock(STFU)
Sig.Moves:Belly to Back Suplex,Springboard Drop Kick,Spine Buster,Diving Double Axe Handle
Entrance Music:Where'd you go,Fort Minor
Face or Heel:Twenner
Pic Base:Jay Lethal
 Ring Name - Chase Black
Height and Weight - 6 ft 1 in, 220 lb
Hometown - Chicago, Illinois
Finisher(s )- Anaconda Vise , Pepsi Plunge ,GTS
Sig. Moves - Knee to the Jaw, Mule Kick
Entrance Music/Video - "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage
Picture Base - CM Punk

Ring Name: Shane Gold

Finishers: Spear, Jackhammer

Signature Moves: Spinebuster, Full Nelson Slam

Picture Base: Goldberg

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Weight: 285 lbs

Heel or Face: Tweener

Entrance Theme: Who's Next by Chris Warren


Ring Name: M.F.G Matt

Finishers: Pain Killer(head lock lifting facebuster) D.V.E.(Belly to Belly piledriver)

Signature Moves: Torando DDT, Running Cutter, D.F.H(Taunt, then a top rope hurrincarana, into pin)

Picture Base: Christian

Hometown: San Deigo

Weight: 6'7

Heel or Face: Face

Entrance:Loaded, Zack Tempast


Ring Name: Miny Man Shpend

Height/weight:5'9 199lbs


Pic base: The Brian Kendrick

Heel or face:Face

Finisher(s): Sleeping Beauty (Poison mist into Cod breaker )

Signature move(s):0Touch of Pain ( figure 4 )


Ring Name:Hayyan

Height/weight: 6'1 234lbs

Hometown:London , England

Pic base:Rey Mystereo ( Masked )

Heel or face:Heel

Finisher(s): DDT

Signature move(s):Tadpole Splash


Ring Name:The Fallen Angel

Finishers:Corkscrew kneckbracker The Fallen Star (Fu On To The Knee...Their back Lands On the Knee)

Signature Moves : Suplex, Powerbomb,Hurcanrana,belly To Belly Supleax,Kenton Bomb,Flying Elbow

Picture Base: Edge

Hometown:The Unknown Land

Weight:230 Lbs

Height : 6 Ft 2

Heel or Face : Face

Entrance Theme: I Will post This When My Custom One Is Made

Ring Name: Snagz
Height and Weight: 6'1'' 223 lbs
Gender: Male
Hometown: Vancouver Canada
Finishers: Man Down(Moonlight Drive)
Signature Moves: Standing Shooting Star Press Superkick Paydirt Drive By Kick
Entrance Music: John Morrisons 
Heel or Face: Heel
Picture Base: John Morrison